Jellyfish lake

Description from youtube:

The jelly fish came to this lake in Palau through a tunnel which connected the sea and the lake long time ago. Now the tunnel have closed, and the jelly fish came to have no poison in an environment where there’s no predator. They live by photosynthesis because they cannot feed on anything in this lake. This lake is such a heaven to them that there are just so many of them living here.”


44lb camera lens unveiled

Saeki Professional(, Korea retailer of Sigma, unveiled its 20kg over weight ultra-telephoto zoom lens ‘APO 200-500mm F2.8 EX DG’ in Korea market during Photo & Imaging Show 2007.

Are U.S. soldiers wearing the best body armor?

In a segment aired on may 20th 2007, NBC looked at the possibility that current body armor used in Iraq by US forces is not the best possible. An interview with the army shows their reluctance to properly test what seems to be a better and safer alternative: Dragon skin.

[From MSNBC] “An NBC News investigation — including independent ballistics tests — suggests there may be something better called Dragon Skin. Military families and soldiers have tried to buy Dragon Skin believing it offers better protection. But the Army banned the armor last year even before formally testing it.”

120-inch multi-touch display

In case you missed it, everyone, and we mean everyone is talking multi-touch these days. Few however, can muster a multi-touch panel in sizes of 100-inches and beyond. The panel above is a 120-inch, rear-projection jobbie from DAHAN T&S offering a 10ms repsonse. Sure, it’s running XP at the moment, but with some of the wildest speculation citing a new multi-touch interface as the reason for Leopard’s delay, who knows what that panel might be sporting come October. [Engadget via Aving]