Google preparing to police web

Increasingly worried by the use of conventional web sites to distribute the viruses that turn innocent PCs into botnet “zombies,” Google appears to be readying a plan to police the web. If the plan goes forward, Google will use new software to automatically identify compromised web pages in its database and label them as “potentially harmful” in its search results.


A 13 year-old boy used as a human shield by israeli army

Spectacular Lightning Strikes

George Lucas announces he is making two new Star War movies

The Windscale Disaster

In the wake of World War 2 the United States government enacted legislation which prohibited any other nations from receiving the scientific bounty derived from the Manhattan Project. This meant that despite the participation of British scientists in the project, Britain received none of the benefits of the research. The year after the United States’ first successful nuclear bomb test in July of 1945, the British government decided that they too must develop a nuclear program in order to maintain their position as a world power. This pilot project eventually developed into the Windscale Nuclear plant.

Armless driver who only has one leg escapes police

For about eight minutes on Tuesday, through the streets near downtown, police chased a driver who had no arms and one good leg.

He got away.

Bush accidentally implies Queen is 200 years old